Ocean WP Free Theme Review 2021

One of the most confusing tasks while building a website is when you need to choose the right theme for your website. With so many options available online it is quite easy to get confused. But here we are to help you out to choose the best WordPress theme for your websites.

Ocean WP is a WordPress theme that is quite popular and is growing its popularity in the market. Let us know more about this theme with the help of this Ocean WP Premium Theme Review:








Ease of Use




What is Ocean WP?

Launched in 2016, Ocean WP is a WordPress theme and is quite popular since then. It is a WordPress theme that offers easy to use user interface and offers drag and drop page builder to its users.

It is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that offers premium plugin extensions, it is lightweight and is best for making any website with its mobile responsiveness.

This means that this theme can be accessed from any device and you can change the settings of your website from anywhere and anytime.

Ocean WP free v/s Premium? Why do you need a Free Ocean WP Theme?

Ocean WP offers two types of themes or extensions: Ocean WP Free and Ocean WP Premium. But now the question is that, ” Which one should I choose for my website?”

Well, the answer is that it depends on the type of tools that you want to access for your website.

When you think of the free version of ocean WP you get more than 20 extensions and extra functionalities and options that can help you build your site as per your choice.

It is lightweight is clean coded through which you will be able to get a codeless website building experience. It is SEO friendly and has a lot of options and features for these users.

Ocean WP Premium Theme is for those who are looking for extensions that are highly efficient in building the overall site with ease.

If you need to access extra tools for building your website then you should go for Ocean WP Premium Theme as it will be your one-stop solution for your site. However,

Ocean WP Free Theme has pretty much covered almost all website building points.

Ocean WP Theme Features:

Let us focus on some of the features provided by Ocean WP Theme here:

1. How fast Ocean WP free theme is?

A theme is all about speed, and so is the Ocean WP Premium theme.

It is such a lightweight theme that you can access your website at any given point in time without facing any issue.

The speed of this theme is overwhelming as you can make any changes to your website quickly.

2. Optimization and loading time of Ocean WP Theme?

Ocean WP Premium theme is a WordPress theme that offers full optimization to its users. You can build a website in a much lesser time in comparison to other WordPress website builder with this theme.

As it is a highly optimized and lightweight theme, it offers a loading time that is indeed worth appreciating. It loads a website’s page in less than t seconds which is fast. So Ocean WP Premium theme is a fast loading WordPress theme.

3. Customization- free extensions and add-ons:

When it comes to looking for a WordPress theme then customization is one of the most important factors that should be looked at while selecting a theme.

Ocean WP free theme is one such theme through which you can customize any part of your website without facing any kind of issue as it is a theme that helps you in customizing your site effortlessly.

This theme offers free add-ons and extensions that can help you build a site that is fully customized and loads fast.

4. Support and Pricing:

Ocean WP free theme is a website builder that offers 24*7 customer support to its users.

So if you face any issue while building your website in the future then you know that the customer care support team of this WordPress company will be there to back you up anytime.

It is clear that the Ocean WP theme is a theme that is free. However, it has Ocean WP Premium theme which is a pro version of this theme.

This version of this theme comes in three types of plans: (annually)

  1. Personal Plan: The cost of this plan is $39 for a site.
  2. Business Plan: The cost of this plan is $79 for 3 sites.
  3. Agency Plan: The cost of this plan is $129 for 50 sites. (Source)

5. Developer Friendly:

While selecting a site it should be kept in mind that you don’t have to hire a technical expert to built the site with that theme.

Ocean WP free theme is a theme that has an easy user-friendly interface as it provides codeless website building features and a user-friendly interface.
You can easily build a website with this theme’s Drag and drop feature.

6. Mobile Responsive:

To make it easier for you to handle your website it is of great importance to choose a website builder that is mobile responsive.

This what makes Ocean WP free theme perfect for website building as it gives its user a theme that can be managed from anywhere and anytime saving both times of maintaining a site as well as energy. Why Mobile Responsive theme matter?

7. WooCommerce Integration:

WooCommerce Integration is a feature that is hands down the best feature when it comes to selecting a theme for an E.Commerce website.

With easy to use WooCommerce Integration feature, Ocean WP free theme offers a theme that is a one-stop solution for building a highly responsive and optimized website.

8. Page Builder Support- Built-in- Schema Support:

A WordPress website theme should have all the necessary features that will make your website stand out in comparison to others by optimizing it highly.

The Ocean WP free theme is a theme that offers different types of page builder support and also has built-in-schema support that will be helpful in displaying the content of your website on Google with the help of SERP.

So if you want your site to rank well then you know which WordPress theme you should be using for your website.

9. Compatibility With Plugins:

What is the use of a WordPress theme if it is not compatible with plugins as most of the time you won’t be able to use plugins because of this issue?

With Ocean WP Premium theme you don’t have to worry about such issues as this theme is quite compatible with even strongly coded plugins. So select any plugin for your website with this theme.

10. Site Library:

Ocean WP free theme offers various dummies of websites with the help of which you can create a website as per your choice with ease.
This theme is compatible with a lot of plugins and has a rich Site Library.

Ocean Wp wordpress theme site library

11. Money-Back Guarantee:

Are you still up investing in a WordPress theme?

If yes, then hear what the Ocean WP Premium theme has to say. This website builder offers 14 days money-back guarantee to its users if the customer is not satisfied with the service offered by them.
Isn’t it awesome?

12. Ocean WP Theme Customizer Settings:

Here are some important points that need to be focused on about the Ocean WP Premium Customizer:

A. Colors and Typography:

Ocean WP free theme comes with tons of typography and color theme designs that might enhance the Google Outlook of your website.

It offers more than 400 Google fonts. With the typography module provided by the Ocean WP free theme, you’ll be ready to select and control the typography of your site with custom font Plugins.

Choose the color options and customize your website of any choice with Ocean WP free theme customizer.

-Layout Control:

Ocean WP free theme provides a custom layout Module with the assistance of which you’ll customize headers, footer, page builder, and such other features on your website.

With the assistance of this traditional layouts module, you’ll be ready to customize the layouts and set any type of display condition on website pages.

-Menus Module & Sub Menu Module:

Ocean WP free theme comes with the Mega Menu module which can assist you to add menus and slide-out menu sections and other such features on your website.

With the assistance of this module, you’ll be ready to create interactive menus on your website.

The module is an easy-to-use module. So you do not need to worry about hiring knowledgeable persons or experts to manage your site.

-Elements Module:

With Ocean WP free theme, you get Elements Module. By using the elements Module you’ll be ready to customize page builder elements on your website.

In this strong elements module, you’ll be ready to use advanced customization features that are provided by the Ocean WP free theme.

Ocean WP free themes quite a popular WordPress theme that has been employed by tons of users.

Alternatives of Ocean WP free theme:

There are several other alternatives to Ocean WP free theme. Some of the WordPress Themes are Ultra Themes, X Theme, Sydney Pro, Wpastra, and so on.

But Ocean WP Premium theme still has an upper hand in comparison to other themes with its easy to use interface and fast loading speed which is way better than any other theme available online.

Testimonials / User Satisfaction:

We went through tons of reviews that were available on various sites and located out that the Ocean WP free theme is a quick loading and highly responsive theme which has led to highly satisfied users.

One of the foremost genuine approaches of this WordPress theme is that it offers 14 days money-back guarantee to its customers if the purchasers are satisfied with the service


Now we have come to the end of this blog, Ocean WP Premium Theme is definitely a theme that is worth trying. It is a theme that is highly mobile responsive, well coded, premium extensions, fast loading, and highly optimized theme.

If you are looking for a website builder that is both affordable as well as highly responsive then Ocean WP premium Theme which you were searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let us focus on some frequently asked questions here:

Q: How Many Sites You Can Use With the Ocean WP Free-Theme?

With Ocean WP free-theme you can use as many sites as you want and design and customize these sites with the help of different templates. So the Ocean WP free theme website is the one you should choose for an affordable and user-friendly experience.

Q: What will happen if you don’t renew your Ocean WP free-license?

After your renewal has expired, the features and projects that are existing at the time will be continued. The only thing that will have any impact is that you won’t be able to get updates, support, and activation from this theme.

So, even if you don’t renew the license of the Ocean WP Premium theme you still will be able to use it conveniently.

Q: Is Ocean WP free-theme is the best theme to be used with landing page builders?

Yes, Ocean WP free-theme is the best theme to be used with landing page builders as ut is highly compatible with plugins. No matter how hardcoded the plugin is, this theme will ensure to provide seamless compatibility with plugins to its users.

Q: How to install the Ocean WP theme?

Here are some easy steps that you need to follow in order to download the Ocean WP free-theme:

  1. First of all, you need to click on the admin area of WordPress and then click on the “Appearance” option that is available there.
  2. Next, you need to click on the “Add New” option available on the screen.
  3. Then, click on the “Upload Theme” option wherein you need to choose the OceanWP ZIP file.
  4. Now click on Install. And tada! You have downloaded the theme successfully.
    You can download Ocean WP Theme here: Download Ocean WP Theme. 

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