FlexiFunnels: Behind The Scenes

If you are interested in launching your product or digital marketing, you definitely may have come across Mr Saurabh Bhatnagar’s name. A piece of great news for you is that Mr Saurabh Bhatnagar has launched flexifunnels Behind-the-scenes videos on his YouTube channel and social media pages.

So what is it all about? Flexifunnels is a platform that is a well-known online platform when it comes to building sales funnels. It is a platform about the upcoming products of Saurabh Bhatnagar and his team, and it deals with the backend work that they do before daily when it comes to creating products and how much effort and time they invest while developing their product.

If you are curious about the whole process and behind the scenes of creating products, you should watch the series of videos of the flexifunnels: behind-the-scenes. But before that, let us take you to a quick overview of the flexifunnels Behind the Scenes here:

What is flexifunnels?

Now let us take a deeper look at the ​Flexifunnel behind-the-scenes series but before that, let’s briefly know about flexifunnels. If we talk about flexifunnels then it is right to say that it is (as the tagline suggests). 

The split testing capabilities of this platform have helped channel owners grow their sales exponentially over the years. It helps in the overall process of creating and managing high converting sales funnels. 

It enables you to create high converting sales pages in no time without any designing, coding or technical skills. It is drag-and-drop and 100% automated software. It helps the customers to focus on getting sales instead of wasting time on setup.

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Who are in flexifunnels Behind the Scenes series?

Let us know the people you will meet during the whole journey of this series before we get into details about the flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes series. You will meet the members: 

Mr Saurabh Bhatnagar: Founder & CEO of flexifunnels

Mr Manan Tibra: flexifunnels’ Product Head

Mr. Nirit Datta: Branding Head

Mr Shivam Singh: Sales Head

Mr Kapil Sharma: Growth Hacker

Mr Shekhar Tiwari: Branding & Social Media Manager

Mr Javed: Software Developer

and Mr Sai Prasad.

Where is the ‘flexifunnels Behind the Scenes’ Series shot?

The team and the CEO of flexifunnels shot the flexifunnels Behind the Scenes’ Series in the office due to the lockdown. The flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes was shot in the office in Goa and Chennai(India). During the Covid-19 lockdown, Some of the team members were not working from the office due to the guidelines; instead, they were doing work from home. So some of the team members were missing in the series. 

What is the purpose of the flexifunnels BTS series?

So why did Mr Saurabh Bhatnagar launch the series? As we know that not many marketers, entrepreneurs, or trainers provide any information about the behind-the-scenes of launching any digital product. The goals that we think behind establishing the flexifunnels behind the scenes series are: 


As we know that Mr Bhatnagar is a reputed trainer of Internet marketing, copywriting, and Facebook ads. Most of the products that he has launched so far are successful and best-selling products, and that is why his students and followers are always curious about the details of launching any product.

It is probably why Mr. Bhatnagar thought of showing students and followers about the overall development and launching process of any product to understand flexifunnels.


It is easier to promote the product before launching if you let people know about its launch. The flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes helped in making people become aware of the launch and developing process of the product. People became more curious and excited about the product and what the product has to offer.

With this idea, people started to wait for the flexifunnels eagerly and even registered for early access. So we can say that it is a successful way of promoting the product.


Isn’t it a great idea to get the views from the targeted customers? The advantage is that it can help you in developing the product and improve it before the launching, keeping in mind the user’s perspective? With the help of flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes, it became easier for the team of flexifunnels to find out more about users’ overall feedback and requirements.

When will flexifunnels be launched officially?

The CEO and Founder of flexifunnels launched the official version of flexifunnels on 25th February 2021. Before the launch, Mr Bhatnagar launched an official version for beta testers only to test it initially.

A-List of episodes from the series of flexifunnels Behind the Scenes:

Now let us have a quick sight of what Mr Saurabh Bhatnagar presented in the episodes of flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes here:

List of FlexiFunnels Behind the Scenes (BTS) Episodes

FlexiFunnels Day 1 – Behind The Scenes Journey

In this episode of flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes, Mr. Bhatnagar lets us know about the launching of the behind series. He Lets the viewers learn about the purpose of launching the series, which is to share how it is essential to create an ecosystem before building any product and the minute details related to creating and launching a product. He wants to help any potential entrepreneur with the right mindset and psychology to develop and launch products.

In this episode of flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes, Mr. Bhatnagar, along with his teammates, let us know about how they will provide us with templates so that we don’t get an empty Canvas before our eyes and we can use any website quite conveniently.

Apart from that, he also lets us know the importance of employing the correct type of work to the people who can do best in that specific area. He focuses on engaging people in expertise to get the best output and save our time throughout the whole process. Always do the work that you are best at. It will bring out the efficiency of the work.
Before creating and launching any product, your whole team needs to know about the product to have that knowledge to convince people to use the product.

In this episode of flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes, Mr Saurabh lets us know how important it is to know about a customer’s perspective towards any given product. He focuses on the fact that we need to present the product to get the essential elements first. It is best not to include too many things at once. 

Later in the video, while reviewing the training programs, Mr Bhatnagar, with the other teammates and Mr Bhatnagar’s help, learned the importance of setting goals. If we want to achieve a big goal, it is essential to divide these goals weekly or monthly to fulfill them eventually.

This episode starts by letting us know about the process of creating built-in blocks. Mr. Bhatnagar lets us know how he reviews each built-in block. After that, he enables the team to know about the required changes. Bhatnagar focuses on how it is essential to systematically keep our daily track of the work and complete our work promptly. He lets us know that while creating any product, it is critical to focus on every product’s detail to provide the best.
In this episode of flexifunnels Behind Th Scenes, the team members talk about the different tasks, such as the default template of the membership access. They also talk about the different types of pages that they will introduce on the membership site. 
Meanwhile, while going through some case studies, Mr Bhatnagar comes across some ideas for his YouTube content. He focuses on the point that reading is essential to get more information related to your work. Apart from that, he also let us know that he focuses on the details and customers’ requirements while creating the product, such as mobile responsiveness so that everyone can access the product without facing any issues.
The episode starts with the details related to the design of the “course.” Mr Bhatnagar focuses on the point that you should think from the customer’s perspective when you create a product. It can help make a product that fulfills all the requirements of the customer. The team members also share their opinion on how a customer or course creator can add any element relevant to their work.

In this episode, the teammates of flexifunnels tell about the need to give utmost importance to work if you want to do it. Consistency is the key to achieving the goal. 

Later on in the episode, Mr Bhatnagar points out why some people end up giving up their goals. He tells how with constant determination and daily work, a person can get results eventually. We should not develop the false hope of getting the results immediately while starting any work. According to him, excellent outcomes come with time. All a person needs to do is give the best in every job daily.

The episode starts with dealing with the importance of constructive criticism for the product. The teammates let us know about the different types of work they are handling. They also share their progression related to the project-flexifunnels. 
Later on, Mr Saurabh reviews the docs. He lets us know what they have implemented in the membership access keeping in mind the customer’s perspective. He focuses on the point that it is vital to have an overview of the overall work you have done to look at the job in a new light and get fresh ideas. It can help in improving the product.
In this episode of flexifunnels Behind the Scenes, Mr Bhatnagar meets with all teams to set a goal for each week. Mr Bhatnagar throws light on the point that every business owner should divide the departments and decide the weekly purposes with the help of meetings. With this method, one can keep track of their work’s progress.  After observing how you do your work, you can know about the shortcoming that you need to fix. It is a method that increases the overall productivity of the work. 
Apart from that, the team members also let us know about the progress of the daily update. They share how they enjoy the challenges of working for the flexifunnels project.
On Day 10 of flexifunnels Day Behind The Scene Journey, teammates let us know how they are working towards the product by noting down the beta tester feedback to make a product that can give the freedom to create anything to the customer. 
While working on the documents on flexifunnels, Mr Saurabh talks about the different features of flexifunnels. He deals with his planning and strategies of helping the customer build the page quickly with the help of great features to increase the customer’s confidence. Eventually, this will help in increasing the churn rate for the business. It is also essential to have different angles and perspectives before launching your product to cater to the customers’ needs.
The episode deals with how the team plans to create landing pages for flexifunnels and coordinate the work backend in their office in Chennai. They deal with how they are doing their research on the project. It is all about knowing the user experience with the “Think out loud” feedback from beta tester users. 
Meanwhile, Mr Saurabh tells about his preparation for the first podcast and other information related to the content that he wishes to release soon.
The episode starts with Mr Bhatnagar talking about the Funnel page flow and how they tried to make it easier for the customer to use flexifunnels. He let us know how he collects his work-related ideas in a document/sheet to use these ideas constructively.
Meanwhile, his teammates let us know how they are working on the backend resources and daily updates related to work. Mr Saurabh talks about the daily work before releasing the podcast.
The episode starts with Saurabh sharing the preparation details for the upcoming webinars and other important things. He shares with us that now and then with his teammates, he discusses the overall work to see things in a new light. Also, he shares the philosophy that a bad plan is better than not having any plan. 
He believes that one can look forward to a big victory in your work. One can achieve it by normally executing the job daily and by accomplishing many small goals. Meanwhile, his teammates talk about the updates of their regular work. They also let us know they manage the webinars. They also provide an overview of their Think out loud sessions.
In this episode, Mr Saurabh deals with the followers’ questions from his YouTube channels in the Q&A sessions. The teammates mention how they do different types of work to get the best out of work every day. The team members also focus on the point that training sessions are helping them to know more about the flexifunnels features.
They also share that they go through many thought processes before launching any content related to flexifunnels and Mr Bhatnagar to engage the viewers. Meanwhile, Mr Saurabh brainstorms different ideas for the content for his social media channels. He shares that you should always try to learn things to increase your work speed with this. He also shares some tricks to optimize a system to help track the work with speed.
The episode starts with Mr Saurabh discussing with his team. Then take a meeting for the application tracking for flexifunnels. With his teammates, he decides the goals for the next week. The team members talk about their daily progress and update with the work. The branding team also creates a social media calendar to deliver the content engagingly.
Mr Saurabh also works on reviewing the Email marketing strategies for the flexifunnels. He focuses on optimisation daily. He improves it by 1% regularly for his work efficiency.
In this episode of flexifunnels Behind The Scenes, the teammates shared how hectic their days are because they plan on arranging the work efficiently before leaving the Chennai office. Mr Bhatnagar takes a meeting with his teammates where he deals with different features of flexifunnels and focuses on how simple things are bound to make a big difference in the overall progress of the work. He also deals with how he has completed the training sessions with his teammates in the office in Chennai.
The episode starts with the teammates and Saurabh brainstorming ideas for their flexifunnels. They also share the systematic progress of the work that they have done so far. 
Mr Bhatnagar focuses on pre-planning regarding things that can go wrong after launching the product to solve the problems quickly.
In this episode of flexifunnels Behind The Scenes, the teammates discuss the different ideas to reach their first 1000 and 10,000 customers. Mr Saurabh shares with us how he reviews all the built-in blocks and sends feedback to his teammates. He shares that he and his team are trying to provide top-notch and advanced features to the customers.
The episode begins with the knowledge about the relevant information concerning the editing of the content. Mr Saurabh shares his views on how successfully the training session took place in their team regarding the flexifunnels software in Chennai. He took out some time from his busy schedule and replied to his social media platform comments. 
After finishing the practice sessions and work in Chennai, the team has moved to the Goa office. Saurabh and the team had a friendly cricket match before wrapping up their work in Chennai.
In the 20th Episode of flexifunnels Behind The Scenes, let’s know how they have specific guidelines for the whole project to complete. They divided the entire work into three phases to make a realistic and more approachable way of completing the work before the deadline systematically. He also shared how the beta users will get benefits for entrusting them at an initial stage.
Mr Bhatnagar also proposes answering the questions and queries that the viewers have in the next episode.
The episode starts with the Q&A session with the timeline members with Mr Saurabh. He shares how he was busy as the meetings take place every Monday. He shares his philosophy that if you want to see a significant change, then start doing a small change every day to achieve the more substantial change. 
As promised in the earlier videos, Mr Bhatnagar answered the queries of the timeline viewers. During the process, he also focuses on how flexifunnels is different from other similar softwares and what kind of features the user will get from the software. He welcomes the suggestion of the users for the flexifunnels software.
In the episode, Mr Bhatnagar let us know how he came in contact with YouTube channels for the promotional strategy of flexifunnels. He also shares how he has changed the podcast frequently uploaded on his social media channel. Amid all this work, he manages to communicate with his family by playing games with them. 
Saurabh also updates his daily work progress and lets the viewers know about the podcasts he has uploaded. He also shares the notion that you should go the extra mile to complete your work and achieve the success that you desire. Always make efforts and be consistent with achieving your goal.
The episode starts with the team members letting us know about the different types of work and tasks they are dealing with regarding flexifunnels. They try to fix the bugs related to the software and make the product better. Mr Bhatnagar updates about the weekly work, meetings, and goals. 
He also shares that they completed phase 1 of the project. He also shares about the real-time issues that he deals with daily. Amidst the whole work, the team and Mr Saurab managed to play a Cricket tournament.
The episode starts with Sourabh dealing with the daily update about the work and sorting out the Q&A session. He also talks about his schedule for the day regarding the affiliates. He also talks about how he deals with the ongoing issues regarding the project.
The team also lets us know how they fix the bugs by following the beta testers’ feedback and mentioning the upcoming content. The time lets us know how they are handling every work efficiently to achieve their goal.
In the episode, the team members discuss their regular work and the output. Mr Bhatnagar talks about how planning is essential before executing any work to help maintain the work and get a good outcome. 
Saurabh also deals with how he has handled all the tasks related to the marketing of the project. He said that he and his team are making slow and steady progress towards the goal. The team members also let us know about the different types of content they want to share with the viewers on Mr Bhatnagar’s social media channels.
In this episode, the team members let us know that every Saturday at 7 p.m., they have a Q&A session to learn more about the real-time user experience with the help of Beta-testers. 
The episode starts with team numbers completing their daily tasks. Mr Saurav breaks down how they finish the task related to the project daily systematically to look forward to productivity by completing these tasks.
In this episode of flexifunnels Behind the Scenes, Mr Saurabh shares the experience of how he took interviews of some of the team members regarding the flexifunnels features to provide the best support to the customers. He happily shares that he, along with his team, has fixed all the bugs successively for the project.
He proposes launching a user-friendly product, and the user can use it without facing any issues. Mr Saurav also focuses on the point that any product branding plays a vital role in launching it successfully. 
Along with his team, Mr Bhatnagar tries to brainstorm ideas to deliver the content to the people in an engaging way to create the right place for flexifunnels. The team also interacts with the users about the update of the daily tasks.
In the last episode of flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes, the team members let us know about the updates introduced in the flexifunnels, such as solving bugs, integrations, etc. Mr Saurabh showcases 500 templates in the videos to glimpse what they are planning to launch shortly. He lets us know about the different features of pages and templates to build a perfect website. 
With this, the episode comes to an end. 
When we talk about flexifunnels, we can see that there are a lot of articles dealing with the superficial knowledge of the software. But the team of flexifunnels has come with a fantastic idea. The idea of sharing the back and story and journey of creating the product.
With the help of the flexifunnels: Behind The Scenes, we learned about the different aspects of creating a product. It is right to say that with the help of this series, people interested in creating and launching their product can learn a lot and get practical knowledge of what they are getting into. 
It is a platform where many people from diverse working environments get a clear idea about planning a product. It also delivers information on the ecosystem behind organizing and originating any product.

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