ClickFunnels vs Groovefunnels: Which one you should choose

Are you getting confused picking between Groovefunnels vs clickfunnels? Any business requires the best funnel builder to grow and have an online presence, and it is reasonable to get tangled between the fittest Funnel Builders- Groovefunnels vs clickfunnels. Don’t worry, pal, as we are here to help you find out the best one for you with the help of this article. Let’s start without much ado!

GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels Overview

Before we dive into the aspects of these unique funnels, let us quickly deal with Groovefunnels vs clickfunnels here:

What is GrooveFunnels?

Founded by Mike Filsaime, GrooveFunnels is a sales funnel builder supporting engaging sales for its clients. It is a platform that comes with management features such as tracking marketing, customization of workflows, collaboration tools, built-in analytics, automation, real-time insights, scheduling email, etc. 

This funnel-building software application comes with a bonus version and features for its consumers. Along with features, it is also known for its affordable rates.

What is ClickFunnels?

Founded by Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels is a website-building platform that helps generate websites that you can create without spending any money on hiring a designer. It covers almost every aspect of website building and designing. It helps build landing pages and sales funnels and offers prebuilt panel options that can help manage the overall sales funnels. 

It offers various features, and it is also known for its characteristic of creating past and simple sales funnels. 

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The History of GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Want to know the history of both platforms? Well, then we can say that Mike Filsaime and Russell Brunson appear to have loads of competition stories circling them from when Mike was operating on Kartra- other significant sales funnel building software. References suppose that Mr. Russell deceived his partner and Mike into advertising clickfunnels during the building software Kartra. Considering that, both GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels have been assumed to be competitors. 

Part #2: GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels – Similarities

IT is quite a given that both GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels are sales funnel developers relative to each other in basic terms. Both of these sales indeed funnel building softwares are different in many areas, yet let us know about some of the similarities here:

#1: Ease of Use:

The advantage of using both the funnel builder software is that you don’t have to get technical knowledge and coding skills to create your website. GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels are known for offering a simple drag and drop interface, which is quite convenient for any beginner. 

Any beginner can start making their website without facing any issues with creating funnels due to its drag and drop characteristic that maximizes the productivity of the complete work.

#2: A Variety of Ready-Made Funnel Templates

Before building a website or funnels, the initial idea that comes to mind is that you may have to begin from scratch. If we talk about an abundance of built-in templates, then both GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels render plenty so that you can employ them in your funnels and pages.

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch, as you can customize this template as per your business needs. Both the software gives their marketplace to share the funnel templates. 

#3: Creating a Membership Area for Online Courses

One can effortlessly set a membership gateway for the online courses with the cooperation of these platforms. Both GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels have their structure membership area characteristic of monetizing their online courses efficiently. 

#4: Affiliate Management Tool

One way that you can require more customers is through the affiliate management program. GrooveFunnels provides affiliate management software for free and uses its platform to handle all activities related to affiliates. 

ClickFunnels is also similar in providing the same facility. Still, you may need to upgrade for monthly plans to access an affiliate management tool, and it also uses a third-party platform for the management of affiliates.

#5: Email Marketing Platform

It is not an unknown fact that email marketing is imperative to entice more visitors to your website. So GrooveFunnels came up with GrooveMail, a CRM in marketing platform to create email campaigns, segment the leads, schedule follow-up, and more. On the other hand, ClickFunnels, with its “follow-up funnels already, administers the built-in characteristic,” through which one can attract clients or implied visitors with the aid of emails or SMS messages. But you may require to add an outer SMTP account for the feature.

#6: Learning Curve

Though both platforms have an abundance of impressive features and are user-friendly, it is tough to talk about the learning curve, and you may need to practice a lot to master them. Both platforms are fittest for tutoring the customers, so you don’t have to bother about the learning curve.

GrooveFunnels offers weekly life coaching to guide the customers, which one can obtain by forming a free page on the Groovepages account. In contrast, clickfunnels provides information with the help of books and online courses to educate the customers.

#7: Sharing Your Funnels

If we are talking about yielding your sales funnels with other people, you may require software that offers you this facility. GrooveFunnels implement a feature that permits you to import the page on the web, which will enable you to hack its design and clickfunnels. On the other hand, it will allow you to share your funnels directly with other people by providing a URL through which you can clone a copy of your funnel.

#8: Sales Platform/Shopping Cart

One important feature that every site needs are a self platform or Shopping Cart feature. Clickfunnels doesn’t provide any third-party software and has its building shopping card feature to sell the product safely, and has a sound checkout system. On the other hand, GrooveFunnels delivers a fully loaded sales and affiliate management platform known as the Groovesell. It is a platform that allows you to receive payments for or your Funnels and will enable you to create checkout pages width high conversion rates.

#9: A/B Testing

When it comes to optimizing your sales funnels and marketing campaign plan, one thing that you can do is to implement testing A/B testing. GrooveFunnels, primarily, didn’t have the A/B testing characteristic, but later it introduced the feature. Clickfunnels, on the other hand, hide the segment since the launch.

With the help of this feature, you can quickly maximize the conversion by split testing the different funnels and finding out which funnel works best for your business.

#10: Affiliate Program

If you want to monetize your business, one way of doing it is an excellent affiliate program. This software offers a recurring commission of about 20% on each referral until the client remains an active customer, yet it doesn’t offer any Tier 2 Commission.

 On the other hand, GrooveFunnels offers two types of affiliate programs for paid clients and free members. In this program, the free member gets paid a commission of up to 20% for or per referred client. And it offers 5% for Tier 2. The software contributes 40% of their tier one for the paid customer and provides 10% for Tier 2. In terms of the affiliate program, GrooveFunnels can help you earn a lot of money.

#11: Online Communities

Online communities are essential in increasing your reachability with the help of proper networking. Both GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels have great Facebook communities that can help you support networking and provide practical advice on building funnels by using the platforms.

#12: Customer Service & Support

If you’re stuck in a situation while building a funnel, then customer service and support is the one that can help you. Clickfunnels customer support has improved over the years, and you can get in touch with the support with the help of live chat and email features. This platform provides VIP phone assistance and support as per the subscription plan.

On the other hand, GrooveFunnels has a robust and dedicated support app known as the GrooveDesk that helps you solve the problem quite effectively due to the timely responsive feature. This software offers real-time assistance to the customers for any given issue.

Part #3: GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels – Differences

Now let’s focus on the significant differences between GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels here:

Difference #1: Size & Scope

So do these platforms have an extensive scope? Well, ClickFunnel is perceived as an outstanding technique for practicing it to familiarize yourself with the notion of sales funnels and training and design web designs. But when it comes to the scope, we can say that it is a bit limited. 

GrooveFunnels is a platform that has grown immensely within a few years, and it is growing on which day as the leading online marketing platform. Such success is that the forum covers almost all aspects that any industry requires. It is a widely popular platform because it is all in one package. It is better in this term when it comes to GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels.

Difference #2: Video Hosting

The drawback of clickfunnels is that it doesn’t support any video hosting from its platform. The customers have to embed the video into the sales channel using a third video platform such as YouTube to help the business. 

On the other hand, Groovefunnels have a video hosting solution. It is popularly known as Groovevideo. It offers customization options, call-to-action features adding tags, and other components for the videos. It also accommodates its clients with each piece of contact analytics. Moreover, it enables them to perform A/B testing.

Difference #3: FunnelFlix

So far, only GrooveFunnels has had the advantage to clickfunnels, but the significant difference between GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels is the ClickFunnels provides use of the facility of Funnelflix. It is a well-known source of knowledge for both experienced and voice marketers, and ClickFunnels provides access to FunnelFlix depending upon the customer’s membership level. 

In Clickfunnels, a user can take full advantage of the course of conflicts with the help of a Platinum collective user subscription. On the other hand, GrooveFunnels doesn’t provide the feature of FunnelFlix. So, in this case, clickfunnels is at an advantage when it comes to this feature.

Difference #4: Calendar Feature

You want to offer your clients features such as booking appointments in a streamlined fashion when it comes to business. But this error feature is not available in the clickfunnels software as it does not have any tool for parts that offers you’re the east to let your clients integrate. If you get integration, you may have to pay extra for the feature.

On the other hand, GrooveFunnels offers the Calendar app feature to schedule appointments, and it also seamlessly provides integration into the sales funnels.

Difference #5: Helpdesk

ClickFunnels doesn’t offer the helpdesk feature. Let us relate it to the other software. In that case, GrooveFunnels offers its element-the GrooveDesk app, which supports the user in submitting support tickets, gives real-time assistance with the help of real-time chat, access to the in-depth knowledge base, etc. 

Difference #6: SEO and Blog Feature

When it comes to SEO and blog features, clickfunnels uses old technology compared to GrooveFunnels, and it also doesn’t offer a blog feature. Clickfunnels point to taking longer loading time.

On the other hand, GrooveFunnels loads quicker. It is software that uses JavaScript Framework Vue.js to load the pages quicker. It does so as it reloads the entire structure into HTML without spending the servers. It has better SEO optimization than clickfunnels, and Groovefunnels also provides a fully functional block platform.

Part #4: GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels – Drawbacks & Lacks

Now that we have enough knowledge about the similarities and dissimilarities between both the platform, then let us know about the drawbacks of GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels platforms:

Some major drawbacks of ClickFunnels:

Clickfunnels is popular, but when it comes to an overview of the overall software, we cannot see that it is perfect in every aspect. The software suffers from some drawbacks. Let us know about some of its flaws here:

Basic Plans:

Clickfunnels is expensive, and it offers restricted basic plans with a limited number of visitors, pages, and funnels. In this plan, there are no affiliate management and email automation tools. So the user needs to upgrade the subscription for the devices. 

Video Hosting:

We already know that Clickfunnels lacks the video hosting feature and doesn’t have any functionality. You may have to use outside video platforms. The platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, etc., in this platform. On the other hand, GrooveFunnels has its platform to upload videos.


Some of the features that clickfunnels lacks are calendar and helpdesk features which are very important for maintaining business and giving the clients booking facilities. On the other hand, Groovefunnels offers both elements even in the basic version of the plans.

SEO& Blog Feature:

It is a well-known fact that any website requires SEO Optimisation. Well-optimized pages tend to rank higher and receive organic traffic, so it is essential to have SEO-optimized pages for the overall exposure of the brand. Clickfunnels lacks in this area as it doesn’t provide highly optimized pages to its users. In contrast, Groovefunnels offers highly optimized pages.

 Some major drawbacks of GrooveFunnel:

It is not a hidden fact that Groovefunnels has become a leading sales funnel builder due to its superior technology. Apart from that, it also offers almost every feature that one requires. However, it has some drawbacks also. 


In comparison to clickfunnels, GrooveFunnels is relatively new, and that is why it doesn’t have much community and networking. Clickfunnels have a more significant user base and have more active users, and it is challenging for the users to keep track of new features that GrooveFunnels introduces weekly.

Apart from that, we can say that Groovefunnels is expensive. However, due to its lifetime plan, we can foresee this drawback. 

Part #5: GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels – Pricing

Let us know more about the two platforms by finding out about the pricing of GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels:


Clickfunnels come with a 14-day free trial offer so that you can find out about the platform within 14 days. It is indeed a great choice if you are looking for the features, and if you find them, you can go for clickfunnels. It is a platform that has three pricing plans:


  • In the standard plan, clickfunnels provide you Limited access to its features in which you may have a cap of a hundred pages free custom domain and 20 funnels. It cost around $97 per month.
  • This plan allows one user account. Apart from that, it also has two separate payment gateways. 
  • Moreover, it also offers chat support and the feature of FunnelFlix. However, it has limited access to the elements. 


  • In the platinum plan, the user uses different features of clickfunnels, such as unlimited pages and funnels. The cost of this plan is about $287 per month.
  • It comes with the feature of nine payment gateways, three sub-users and also offers nine domains.
  • This plan also provides easy access to the funnel flicks course and priority support.


  • In the collective plan, the user gets the full depth of the clickfunnels. The user receives unlimited funnels, follow-up funnel pages, and several other features. It costs around $1497 per month. 
  • This plan offers 27 payment gateways, 27 domains, 10 Sub users, weekly Peer review hackathons, and prioritized technical team and chats support. 
  • In this plan, the user also gets VIP phone support, and the user also gets exclusive live events, coaching, and training.


GrooveFunnels is indeed a platform that has several options when it comes to pricing plans. Let us know more about the programs that this software offers here:

Base Plan:

  • The base plan that the software offers is free, so you don’t have to invest any money in using this funnel builder. Isn’t it great news for us that you can use several features without paying any penny? 
  • The plan offers different features such as GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages Lite, etc.
  • It also grants a 20% recurring share for each referral in the affiliate program.

Silver Plan:

  • The Silver plan in this platform offers no access to features such as GrooveVideo, GrooveMember, GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveAffiliate, etc. It costs around $99 per month.
  • The plan offers a 20% recurring commission for every referral to the clients in the affiliate program. 
  • Moreover, the client can obtain the pro version of the GroovePages.

Gold Plan: 

  • The gold plan offers all the silver plan features and adds GrooveCalender, GrooveQuiz, GrooveDesk, GrooveBlog, GrooveSurvey, etc. It costs around $199 per month.
  • The plan offers a 20% recurring commission for each referral to the clients in the affiliate program.

Now comes the real deal of the GrooveFunnels pricing plan that is the Lifetime Platinum Option/ Plan:

So what is it all about? The lifetime Platinum option in this software offers you all the features in the gold version and the GrooveWebinars Automated, GrooveWebinars live, GroovePages for Shopify, etc. The best part about this plan and ran it comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can explore every feature and find out if it is suitable for you or not.

  • This plan also comes with multiple pricing options so that you can choose the right one for you. After the trial, you need to pay three months’ payment to continue, i.e., $497.
  • The other option is which the platform allows you to pay over six months, which will cost around $288.
  • The third option that the user gets to pay annually means paying $188 per month over the year. 
  • If we look at the pricing, GrooveFunnels has an Upper Hand when it comes to GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels.


The critical question here is, So, the real winner between GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels. We can say that in most of the terms, GrooveFunnels is superior. But when it comes to choosing the right one, it depends upon the user and the requirement of your business. 

Both the softwares have distinct features and have excellent UI making when it comes to building pages with ease. If you want lifetime access, you should go for GrooveFunnels. On the other hand, if you’re going to use the features of FunnelFlix, you should go for ClickFunnels. Similarly, different elements are available in each sales funnel builder. So, pal, all you need to do is research, make your list, and find out the best for you. 

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