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Best antivirus you can pick – Norton | BitDefender 

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Last Updated On January 7


This is the best antivirus for 2020.  Norton is Antivirus, firewall, Unlimited VPN, password manager, and malware protection.

Protects Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
60-days money-back guarantee
VPN: Free and unlimited
24/7 Customer Support

Security 100%
Protection 100%

Trusted by 50 million Plus users around the world





Bitdefender is Antivirus, firewall, VPN, password manager.

Protects Windows, Mac, And Android
Quick and Easy Installation
VPN: Free and unlimited
24/7 Customer Support

Security 95%
Protection 90%





Protects Windows & Mac
Quick And Easy Installation
Realtime malware protection

Security 83%
User Review 82%





Protects upto 10 devices
An Easy To Use & Installation
Delete Sensitive Files Permanently
24/7 Customer Support

Security 76%
User Review 70%





Protects Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Connect safely to any public Wifi
24/7 Customer Support

Security 74%
User Review 70%




Features Comparison


Malware Protection

Firewall Privacy

Password Manager


Webcam protection




Unlimited Free Vpn






60 Days

30 Days




Frenquently Asked Questions?

What is an Antivirus?

If your PC is suffering from malware and viruses than antivirus software helps you in the fight against them. The software also protects your PC or laptop from the installation of new virus or malware. Antivirus also removes all existing viruses and malware from your computer and you can enjoy a good performance from Your PC.

It does this process by scanning your all system using the heuristic and signature file Detection methods and also offering you a wide range of focused protection features , like password managers, anti- phishing, and web advisers.

Who needs antivirus software?

In these high technologies days, everyone needs the antivirus software.

Computer viruses or malware don’t comes only from visiting movie downloading websites or Spam websites. Many people think that the can protect there PC from viruses by don’t visit any downloading websites and downloading certain files.

The real truth is that viruses can make their way to you computer or any other device by various ways. You can invite viruses by simply from checking your mail, browsing the websites and from putting a USB memory into your PC Or laptop.

But luckily you have choices of many antivirus software and we are also helping you in choosing a best antivirus software for pc in 2020.

How we rank and review?

If you are searching a best antivirus in 2021 for your PC on google but i know that many peoples that the antivirus we are listed here on our website are really google or not.

For clear your this doubt or question in this paragraph i am going to show you on which factors we rank these software on 1st to 5th position and how we rate them.

Factors We Check!

1. Pricing – This is very important for us and you to check the pricing of the antivirus software.
2. Ease Of use – We also check that antivirus is easy to use and install.
3. Customer support.
4. User experience and reviews
5. Independent Testing

But this is your choice to decide which antivirus software fulfill your needs. If you need any help related with these software , than feel free to contact us on our email

Additional Features and Benefits?

We all have one question common when we going to buy anything that what benefits and features this product provide us and how it can help us. So, there are a few additional features that we get with an best antivirus software.

Online and Browsing Protection – If you are browsing and online than you should have an internet security software with a in built firewall privacy system.

Gaming Protection – If you are a gamer than you can look to a ” gaming Mode ” which prompts the internet security to use less data and resources from your computer.

Parental Controls – Parents needs to look the software which have easy to use.

Email Protection – If you are a daily email user than you should have a anti- spam, phishing and spyware software.

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