About Us

Who is behind technical Dudes?

Are you confused about selecting the right tools and software for your business, startup, and websites?

To solve your confusion, Technicaldudes.com was started by 3 Engineers and now have 50+ Team Members.

The idea behind Technicaldudes.com is simple to help you in selecting the right tools & software according to your need and budget. 

What TechnicalDudes do?

Is wordpress-728884-2691648.cloudwaysapps.com similar to other review websites present on the Internet?

Unlike other review websites; wordpress-728884-2691648.cloudwaysapps.com doesn’t recommend you any random tool & software to earn some money. 

So what exactly Technicaldudes.com do?

1. We Purchase popular Tools & Softwares:

Unlike other review websites that pick the tools & software and force you to buy; Technical Dudes first purchase the all recommended tools and software. 

The team behind Technical Dudes follow every process that a normal person like you follow. 

2. We Test & Review the tools and Softwares:

Our more than 50 real people team tests the tools and software by using the tools for months and months. 

Along with the normal user perspective, we also use our sentiments to test a tool and software. 

After using the Tools and Softwares; when they meet our sentiments, we provide you a detailed review with pros & cons. 

We also categories the Tools and Softwares according to your need and budget, so you can choose the right Tools and Softwares according to your need.

Why You should trust TechnicalDudes.com?

When you search for any query related to Tools and Softwares; you’ll find many other so-called technical experts with the motive to sell you something. 

But at TechnicalDudes.com; our main motive is ‘Suggest you the right tool for your business’ so you can grow exponentially. 

We Recommend unbiased reviews of tools & software:

At TechnicalDudes.com; we don’t accept any paid or biased promotion of any tool and software. 

The team behind TechnicalDudes.com; provides you, honest real user experience by testing the tool and software. 

We’ll never recommend you any kind of tool and software that doesn’t add any value to your business.